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XCare: professional disinfection UVC lamp

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COVID-19 has changed our way of life. Contactless operational processes are now a reality.
Apparattum raised the challenge of providing society with an advanced germicidal system that would allow a more effective control of surface disinfection to minimize microbial infections caused by viruses, bacteria and spores.
XCare is an IoT mobile disinfection device using the unique pulsed UV-C and UV-B light disinfection technology.

Maximum disinfection in 4 steps

Equipment setup in less than 5 minutes

It can work as a fixed ceiling light or as a vertical or 45º luminaire.

Schedule programming through app or platform

All functions are configured through the app or the platform: schedules, scenarios, reports, alarms, etc.

Smart device activation

The device begins disinfection at the indicated time and detects any movement, guaranteeing 100% human safety.

Real-time disinfection data

Disinfection validation using a data receiver.


99,99% disinfection

Disinfection time 0,8min/m2

200 a 280nm

100% safe

WiFi Connectivity

90º and 45º position

Up to 120º

No toxic waste


Use case:
Box 15m2
Disinfection in 12min
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Clinics and health centers
Use case:
Consulting room 10m2
Disinfection in 8min
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Gyms and sports clubs
Use case:
Locker room 25m2
Disinfection in 20min
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Residences and nursing homes
Use case:
Restroom 10m2
Disinfection in 8min
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Schools and training centers
Use case:
Restroom 15m2
Disinfection in 12min
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Elevators and forklifts
Use case:
Lift 2m2
Disinfection in 1,6min
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Retail and supermarkets
Use case:
Corridor 1 m wide
Disinfection in 0,8min/m
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Use case:
Meeting room 15m2
Disinfection in 12min
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Industrial chains
Use case:
Work chain 2m wide
Disinfection in 1,6 min/m
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Functional scheme


Remote control of equipment operation, remote activation and deactivation, task scheduling.

Real-time data monitoring and automatic generation of disinfection reports for each area.

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XCare is the highly efficient and safe disinfection technology ecosystem in market.

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